The burger meat is a custom grind made specifically and exclusively for The Burger Joint. The Ground Chuck is prepared locally and brought directly to our kitchen, where we quickly patty them up, cook them to perfection, add the fresh toppings of your choice and place in on a freshly baked toasted brioche butter bun. That’s Fresh!


Our fries are made using #1 Idaho Potatoes. Our potatoes are high in solid content and low in water, because those make the best hand cut french fries that you will ever taste. We scrub them vigorously, cut them by hand and fry them twice in Trans Fat Free canola oil.They are then seasoned using our 10 spice custom blend then served to you. From potato to you in less than 10 minutes.

That’s Fresh!


Our Malts and Milkshakes are made with locally churned premium ice cream and real milk in a real blender. Go Figure.


Full Kids Menu

Brew City Onion Rings

Angus All Beef Hot Dogs

Turkey Burgers and Portobello Mushroom Available

We have WIFI

Our burgers are cooked when you order them, so they come to you hot and juicy. We are not a fast food joint but we will get your order to you quickly, completely and to your satisfaction. So sit back and watch a show on our Plasma TV, listen to great music or chat with friends while you wait for what we hope will be a mouthwatering and affordable experience.